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Extra Resources From Internet

Interactive Sites 

Scholastic- Learn at Home
e-learning for kids - Founding Dreams

Interactive Lessons for 4-6 years old preschoolers on many subjects

Hightlight Kids - Crafts & Recipes Activities

Guidance for parents in doing crafts and food preparation with kids

Starfall Online Learning for Kindergarten Age

免费线上互动教学(4-6岁)数学, 语言等
Interactive Lessons for 4-6 years old preschoolers on many subjects

Unite For Literacy - FREE Storybooks for Toddlers & Kindy

电子童书 - 幼儿及大孩子,有中英导读
Free Digital Storybooks with narration in different languages

Free Read Aloud VIDEOS by Indianapolis Public Library

Over 100+ Read Aloud Storybooks for Preschoolers

Read Aloud by Amazon

Audible from Amazon: Free Audible Books 

Storyline Online


Storyline Online Storytelling through videos

San Diego Zoo Kids  

Video, Stories, Activities, Games for children to learn Animal

The Nature Conservancy 


Learn from the Nature! Video for Children

National Geographic Kids -Videos,Games


National Geographic Kids Videos

Science Kids 

​科学和科技: 家长与孩子一起做实验

Fun Science & Technology For Kids

Cosmic Kids Yoga


Practice yoga and mindfulness for children

Super Coloring 


Kids can color online now

Blissdale 的中文习字 (笔笔顺)


Learn Chinese Character Writing

中文认字 Read Chinese Character

CCTV 课本中国-- 常用汉字1,2,3,4讲


Sesame Street Learn Chinese with Elmo
26 Lessons

​线上中文绘本有声书 -台湾


The Montessori Way

Montessori Global (Montessori Phonics for Kindy)

Phonetic alphabet Sound
Also search for Botany Learning, Zoology, Geography, etc.

Cheri Ebook Youtube (Montessori Phonics for Kindy)

Learn to write alphabet
Learn to sound phonic

The Montessori Agency

Free materials for Toddler and Kindy classroom

The Montessori Notebook

Free resources available for download

How We Montessori


Activity Blog:Toddler to Preschooler

100 Activities for Montessori Early Childhood Students


A PDF list by American Montessori Society

The Kavanaugh Report

The Kavanaugh Report: Toddler Montessori at Home

Motherly - Activities for Toddlers 

49 Montessori-inspired ideas for indoor activities with your kids

Busy Toddler - Best INDOOR activities

Indoor activities for Toddler

Aid to Life - Infants & Toddlers

AMI 蒙特梭利婴幼儿方式育儿
Aid to Life: Supporting Development of Infants & Toddlers

The Montessori School of Tokyo (Montessori at Home)

PDF Handbook for Download

Arbor Montessori School (Tips for Montessori at Home)

Arbor 蒙特梭利学校分享:居家蒙特梭利
PDF Handbook for Download

Austin Montessori School (Tips for Montessori at Home)

Austin 蒙特梭利学校分享:居家蒙特梭利
PDF Handbook for Download

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