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The Montessori Approach

Blissdale Montessori is dedicated to the philosophy and principles of Dr. Maria Montessori, who lived from 1870 to 1952. She was one of the first female physicians in Italy. Her work in medical practice and passions in anthropology and psychology had led her to analyze and observe young children’s learning behavior. After extensive research, she concluded that human beings require the freedom to follow their individual interests while developing within the prepared environment. Maria Montessori died in 1952, but her work continues. The legacy of Montessori pedagogy continues today worldwide, over 110 years after the founding of the original Casa dei Bambini (Children’s House).


The most important key in an authentic Montessori education setting is having well-prepared Montessori trained adults to support and assist children. They must have thorough understanding in Montessori philosophy and method, possess knowledge in early childhood development and hold skills in presenting Montessori materials and lessons to young children. These adults we called “guides” or “teachers” are responsible for preparing the educational environment within each classroom and for differentiating lessons to aid each child’s developmental needs in different stages and levels.


Your child’s Montessori education will instill self-knowledge and a love of learning. These traits will provide a foundation for his/her entire life. A Montessori education is an aid to the development of a happy, independent, responsible and loving individual who continues to seek greater knowledge.


Kindly search for following website to know more about authentic Montessori education: Association Montessori Internationale (AMI):


Dr. Maria Montessori & Mr. Mario Montessori

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